Intro to Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation (G.E.M.M.),
the gateway connection Gut-Immune Interface and Chronic Disease

Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 4:30 PM Central

Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation (G.E.M.M.) provides a refreshingly different approach amidst the plethora of gut health programs. G.E.M.M. was developed by Australian clinician and scientist, Dr. Christine Houghton who realized that the current solutions to gut health were not always effective. G.E.M.M.’s uniqueness stems from its focus on addressing the fundamental biochemical processes that link the Gut-Immune interface to the distant organs responsible for both acute and chronic disease.

This webinar is sponsored jointly by Cell-Logic and Integra Nutritionals. An introduction to G.E.M.M. as an effective clinical strategy for modulating gut ecology and regenerating gut barrier dynamics will be presented by Naturopath and Clinical Educator, Robert Thomas.

Topic: Modulating Gut Ecology – a powerful strategy linking the Gut-Immune Interface to Acute and Chronic Disease

Description: Robert will introduce you to powerful but little-known properties of the remarkable epithelial cells of the gut. G.E.M.M. relies on these cells and their special properties, considering them as Mission Control. These cells interact closely with the immune network directly below them. Restoring homeostasis at the Gut-Immune interface is addressed by G.E.M.M as its foundation for restoring the health of distant organs and systems.

Robert Thomas, ND

Robert Thomas, ND and Clinical Educator: Highly regarded in the field of Advanced Translational Nutrigenomics as head of Cell-Logic’s Clinician Education team, Rob works closely with practicing clinicians, guiding them in understanding the nutrigenomic and biochemical principles underpinning the Cell-Logic product concepts and unique formulations. As a naturopathic practitioner for over three decades, Rob’s experience includes involvement in designing a program to help individuals conquer addictions as well as a holistic health program for Australian primary school children. Rob co-presents with Dr. Christine Houghton in the Foundation Course in Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation (G.E.M.M.), as well as its ongoing annual Upskill sessions.

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