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Managing your own dispensary can be a big job, and we’ve heard all kinds of stories. Wouldn’t you rather focus on taking care of patients?

Let us put our expertise and passion to work for you when we set up and run your personalized online dispensary.

why sell supplements out of your office?

A smart business move to grow sales

Companies of all sizes take stock of their “core competencies”, such as caring for patients, and use other services to handle the rest. From our central U.S. location we manage inventory, handle your patient orders and provide exceptional customer service. Products you recommend are shipped right to your patient’s doorstep, including internationally.

sales go up, hassles go down

How much are you actually earning from supplement sales?

Consider these real, but often overlooked costs:

  • expired products
  • lost sales when you’re out of stock
  • staffing costs
  • shipping fees
  • credit card fees and interest
  • missed price increases causing undercharged patients
  • value of your time

Augment in-office sales

Added convenience for you and your patients means higher sales

  • Use us for lower volume products you prefer not to stock
  • Convenient option for out-of-town patients
  • Increase re-orders with our popular and flexible Auto Ship program
  • Easily explore new products without purchasing in bulk
The bottom line? We’ll help increase your bottom line!

Have you created your own private-labelled products?

We’re happy to discuss selling your existing private-labelled products through your new personalized online dispensary.

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Here’s what our providers have to say:

“DSS is spot on! I love them and even more importantly my patients love them! They promptly answer questions from me and my patients and if they don’t have the answer immediately – they get it to you the next day! And they carry the supplement brands I love. I have been using the DSS store for 5 years and have grown my business tremendously with their help. Would recommend them without hesitation!”

Carla C., APRN, CNM

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