Over 300 high-quality brands available, including:

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Why Professional Brands?

Because quality matters! Better efficacy and patient outcomes start with professional grade supplements which excel in terms of Purity, Potency and Bioavailablity

Purity: Professional supplement manufacturers work hard to make sure their products do not contain artificial ingredients, additives, excipients, allergens, etc.They also work to ensure the dosage is identical in every capsule.

Potency & Value: Sometimes professional supplements offer therapeutic potencies not available in retail products. Furthermore, when you assess the amount of the key ingredients compared to the cost, a professional supplement may actually be a better value on a $/mg basis.

Bioavailability: Professional supplements are developed for maximum absorption in the body. This is the only way a supplement can be efficacious. A professional supplement manufacturer may choose a more expensive “source” for a component because it is known to be more bioavailable.

Also, the professional lines often include additional ingredients that are known to boost or support the absorption of the desired ingredient.