Uncommonly Good Customer Service

What is Uncommonly Good Customer Service? It’s more than a slogan!

More than a “distributor”

We view ourselves as an extension of your practice, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We believe using our service actually elevates the level of confidence and satisfaction you’ve worked tirelessly to foster with your patients causing them to continue ordering from you. We know because patients and providers tell us all the time!

Powered by Relationship

You and your patients can expect a level of customer service you just don’t find these days! We call it “uncommonly good customer service”, and it’s about integrity, follow-through, promptness, friendliness and professionalism – for you and your patients! We go the extra mile every day anticipating needs and acting proactively.

Patients get to know us. They trust us and they like us. Since patients often see us as part of your practice – this builds your relationship, too.

“You’re a life saver for my practice! I love that I can just email for help when I need something and you take care of it. You also take very good care of my patients who need a little extra help. They can always get a friendly human on the phone to support them. I hope you never stop doing what you do!”

Melanie D.

Personalized Assistance for you

We’ll bend over backwards to meet your unique needs, discerning the needs behind the questions to provide tips for success. And while you’re busy with your patients, we’ll:

  • Make changes in your store or locate specific products for you
  • Contact a supplier for product information you need
  • Create personalized cards for you to give to your patients with dispensary information
  • Create personalized cards for you to give to your patients with dispensary information
  • Pick up your dry cleaning (oh, maybe not that type of personal assistance…)
  • We take care of everything (else), so you can focus on your patients!

Ready to experience Uncommonly Good Customer Service?

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