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How can we help your practice thrive?
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"I've worked with DSS for several years.  Their customer service is impeccable 
and they have been very responsive.  They really act as a partner to our clinic." 
*What is Uncommonly Good Customer Service?
With our small company feel, you’ll love how we care for you and your patients. It’s a full-service attitude and dozens of little things adding up to an exceptional experience! You’ll have easy access to our friendly, responsive team, and it’s our pleasure to know you and serve you well.
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In less than 10 minutes, we can simplify your practice, eliminate the hassles of running your own supplement store and increase sales.

And with our small company feel, you’ll love how we care for you and your patients!  We call it "Uncommonly Good Customer Service.”*
  • We set up your free personalized online dispensary and show you how it works. We do all the work!
  • Choose from hundreds of professional brands.
  • Patients order online or by calling. You can even email them individualized recommendations.
  • Patients receive their order in a few days.
  • We send you a monthly check.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
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