Great Solution for Neurowellness

Patients often present with a diverse list of concerns related to their neurowellness. You need formulas proven to be dependable, effective, and safe. Sanesco’s Targeted Nutritional Therapy™ (TNT) line of formulas was designed by a team of healthcare providers and scientists using the highest quality ingredients specifically to support neurowellness.

Additionally, when used as part of Sanesco’s evidence-based NeuroWellness Program™, TNT formulas are proven to promote neuroendocrine balance and make a statistically significant difference in common neurowellness quality-of-life concerns such as stress management, anxiousness, sleep issues, low mood, and cognitive function. The NeuroWellness Program guides you in selecting the formulas that meet your patients specific neurowellness needs.

Optimize Patient Care with the NeuroWellness Program™
Let us Guide You in NeuroWellness

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Neurotransmission Support*

Prolent™ helps support inhibitory neurotransmission.* This formula contains glycine, ingredients for serotonin synthesis and ingredients to support GABA release and/or function*


Adrenal Support Formula*

This formula utilizes high quality, scientifically validated compounds and the most bioavailable forms of nutrients. All botanicals are standardized for maximum efficacy and are classified as adaptogens.


GABA Receptor Formula*

Lentra™ is a natural formula targeting GABA-A receptors.* It’s highly effective in supporting inhibitory neurotransmission and allows relaxation and restfulness without inducing sedation.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products are not intended to cure, diagnose, prevent or treat disease.

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