Do You Sell Supplements Out Of Your Office?

Expiring products, inventory tracking, time and resources wasted.

Do you currently sell supplements out of your office?

It’s a big job, and we’ve heard all kinds of stories. Managing your own Supplement Store can be a huge undertaking for your business.  There is so much that you have to manage, and we are excited to share with you a much better solution. Wouldn’t you rather focus your efforts on your primary business –which is taking care of patients?!  And…let someone else mind your store for you.  That’s our passion!  We are here to help you.
why sell supplements out of your office?

Would any of these help

your practice thrive?

DSS headache remover checklist
“You’re a life saver for my practice! I love that I can just email for help when I need something and you take care of it.  You also take very good care of my patients who need a little extra help. They can always get a friendly human on the phone to support them.  I hope you never stop doing what you do!”
Melanie D.

sales go up, hassles go down

Do you know what you really  make on supplement sales?

Consider these real (but often overlooked) costs:
  • Do you ever throw away expired product?
  • Are you losing sales when you are out of stock?
  • How much are you paying staff to manage inventory?
  • How much are you paying for shipping?
  • What percent of your sales is lost due to credit card fees?
  • Have you ever missed a price increase and undercharged your patient?
  • Are you paying interest on inventory purchased on a credit card?
  • And how much is your time worth?

“Outsourcing” — A Smart Business Move to Grow Sales

Companies of all sizes take stock of their “core competencies”, such as caring for your patients, and use other services to handle the rest.  Our motto says it all – “You Heal.  We’ll mind the store.” (By the way, we are a 100% American company. Outsourcing with us does not mean jobs leaving the country. It just means the work isn’t being done in your office.)

less hassle, more orders

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