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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Shipments within the United States or to U.S. Military Bases (APO’s) qualify for standard shipping rates. International shipping prices are based on mail class and weight. IMPORTANT: We assume no liability for lost or damaged international shipments.

Do you sell patient data to other companies?

Per our Privacy Policy, we do not sell or otherwise share patient data of any kind with any third party. While our agreement with you states that we may contact patients, the intent is to provide them with important and relevant service information from time to time.

Do you protect patient data?

Our ordering website runs on a security protocol called HTTPS, the standard for secure, encrypted information transmission on the Internet. Furthermore, if a patient chooses to save their credit card or bank account number on file for future purchases, the information is securely stored with our payment processor, Authorize.Net, who is one of the largest, most-trusted payment processors available.

Can Patients order any supplement that is available at the Doctors Supplement Store?

You control the brands available in your store. Patients will only be able to order the brands you specify, but all products within those brands will be available. You can add or remove brands at any time by simply logging on to your Control Panel or contacting our customer service department. Additionally you can optionally restrict individual products so that you will have to approve the purchase before we will fulfill the patient’s order.

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