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There are a number of factors to consider in choosing the best supplement stores out there. For example, a good supplement store ought to be able to provide supplements that are readily available for your patients. Other considerations include the staff and the certifications.

The People

The staff at a supplement store should be knowledgeable and helpful. They should be able to guide your patients to the supplements that will be most beneficial to them. The staff at a supplement store should also know about drug interactions; some supplements interact with prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, or other supplements in ways that are detrimental to the patient’s health. Some anti-epilepsy medications, for example, interfere with the patient’s ability to absorb folic acid or Vitamin B 9. Our experienced staff is well-versed in these areas and can help the client choose something that is both safe to take and will help them.


The best supplement stores only carry products with special marks of approval on them. The mark indicates that the supplement has been tested for quality and safety. Other marks also mean the supplement has also been tested for banned substances, like certain steroids. We are considered one of the best supplement stores out there because we truly care about things like certification, sanitation, safety, equipment maintenance, and recordkeeping. We are, thus, known to be trustworthy.

We will never exaggerate a supplement’s capabilities. We will not, for example, claim that a given supplement will make a client lose weight without any changes in the client’s diet or habits. We will not make claims that are too good to be true.

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As a doctor, you only want to provide the best of the best when it comes to your patients and your practice. You want to make sure that the supplement provider you choose is renowned as one of the best supplement stores in the biz. At Doctors Supplement Store, which is based out of St. Louis, we offer an innovative and convenient solution for your practice, making high-quality, first-class supplements easily accessible when your patients need them the most. Contact ustoday to learn more about how to get started! Our setup process is fast and simple, and we are at the ready to help you!